Sunday, January 17, 2010

Moving Forward!!!

Many of you have contacted me about the next step in the Mission Trip. Below are the steps you should take to secure your place in our team. Please save the date for Monday, February 1st, we will have a meeting at 6:00 at Woodland Community Church. Please RSVP to if you plan to attend!

What to do:
1. To secure your spot on the Mission Trip fill out the application on Visiting Orphan's website:

2. Get a passport- If you already have one please check the expiration date!!! Here is the website to apply for a new one or renewal:

3. Make and appointment at Manatee County Health Department (or your local health department) for immunizations. I just went last month for my shots. They are extremely helpful and will tell you exactly what they recommend for a trip to Ethiopia and Uganda. Yellow Fever is the only shot that is mandatory, although I went ahead and got all the recommended shots, including Hepatitis A and B, Tetanus, and Typhoid.
If you would like to do your own research start with:
CDC (Center of Disease Control)

4. Gather friends and families home addresses and email addresses to send a donation request letter. You can also start to work on your own letter, I sent you a template early on. Let me know if you would like me to resend it.

Please let me know if you have any other questions and I look forward to seeing you on February 1st. *I will have fundraising plans to share at the meeting, please try to attend!

Thanks, Ashlie


Kari said...

Ashlie, I WISH I could be there with you & then head down to the beach!!:) I'm so excited God brought us together for this amazing mission trip. I'll be praying for your meeting- I can't wait to see who our crazy team turns out to be!!!

jjely said...

Ashlie, I think I will be definetely be filling out the paperwork later today to go on this trip. I found out about this on Karis blog. Another friend who is thinking about going told me to come here. She let me know that you are from New York State. I have only just flown for the first time this year and it was from Pa to Florida. So ,getting on a plane and flying to Africa w/ out my hubby is a huge step for me but the more I pray about this the more I feel led to go. So I was just wondering where you would be flying out of???

Ryan and Ashlie said...

jjely, I am so excited that you found our trip!! I will be praying for your strength and confidence as you take this huge step. It's going to be an amazing experience for us. I know Kari and I are both counting the days until July!
I am not sure about where we are flying out of. It will depend on the flights available at the time Visiting Orphans books the flights. I will be flying from Tampa International, most likely. I believe we will all meet in D.C and then fly across the Atlantic together =)
I can get you more details about the flights in the Spring. may I please have your email address? I would love to add you to my email list.
My email is