Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010

Happy New Year!!! I woke up this morning and thought, "What will I do this year to make a difference in the world?" I then remembered, I'm going on a mission trip to Ethiopia and Uganda!!!! 2010 is going to be an amazing, life-changing year. Now that the Holidays have come and gone, it is time to get serious about our mission trip. All the information will be communicated through this blog and email. We have a lot to do to prepare for our mission.
First, take some time to look over the trip guides that I emailed, explore the Visiting Orphans website and read a little about Amazima. (Link to your right) Recently, I found out that we have been chosen to visit Amazima, in Uganda. It is an orphanage and school started by a 20 year old American named Katie. She feeds 400 children 3 meals a day. I cannot wait to hug her!!! On July 24th we will be serving lunch to 400 children, playing games, making crafts, and teaching a bible story. Our trip is filled with opportunities such as these.

I hope this blog puts a smile on your face today! I look forward to planning this trip with you and seeing how God works in each and every one of us.

**We are still recruiting members of our team, please forward this blog to interested friends or family.

Next topic: FUNDRAISING!!!

Smiles, Ashlie


Kari said...

Oh Ashlie- I definitely have a smile on my face. This answered some of my questions. The blog looks great & I'd love to hear more!!!
I've been praying about a way to visit our beloved ET and pay a visit to my hero Katie!!
Can I sign up today:) lol
I'm heading to your blog to get a T shirt.
Can you send me the official email you were speaking about?

Ryan and Ashlie said...

Kari, I would be so blessed to have you join our trip! Are you familiar with the Visiting Orphans organization?

I need your email address to send you the trip packets....can you email me and I'll respond? My email is
Thanks!!! Ashlie