Thursday, March 11, 2010

T-shirts for the Trip:

Kari and I have both started t-shirt fundraisers for our Ethiopian Adoptions. We would like to offer them to you for $10.00 each! This is a SPECIAL ONLY for our VO Mission Trip team!!! We know that each and everyone of you are working toward the $3,400 expense for the trip. We also would like to have a couple team pictures in the same shirt!!!!

Here are the details:
*You will receive the t-shirts once we are all together. (Either in the Airport or in Uganda) This will save on the shipping cost! We will bring them marked with your name in a suitcase.

*Pay $10 at

*For Kari's Simply Love Shirt put in this email address:
*For Ashlie's Africa Shirt pt in this email:

*Please leave in the special notes their address, size & VO Mission Group special rate-
$10- per shirt

Got Questions? PLEASE ASK!!!!!
If the only payment is difficult for you, please email me at and you can mail a check!!!

Please continue to pray for our trip! Love, Ashlie

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