Wednesday, February 17, 2010

15 Members of our team and GROWING!!

15 of you have registered, AMAZING!!! Kari and I are thrilled!!! Only 10 spots left, don't hesitate to apply if you know this is your trip!!!
Apply at: Visiting Orphans

Please check out MyCrazyAdoption tomorrow for a very special report on the Mission Trip from our Co-Leader Kari Gibson.

Amanda Lawrence is the Exectutive Director of Visiting Orphans. She is a huge inspiration to me and is organizing the travel arragements of our trip. If you have Facebook, you seriously should request her friendship. Everytime I read her status updates I have to stop, think and pray. Tonight she sent me this email:

BASICALLY Haiti is happening to children all over this world….the media is just not covering it. They lose their parents suddenly to HIV, malaria, malnutrition, starvation and other horrific ends to a life. Or, they are traumatized as they are just abandoned and left with a feeling of worthlessness, feeling forgotten and not knowing the consistent love of a parent or anyone else. Some orphans never even get to see outside of the building of their orphanage. Orphans in this world, unless visited by God’s people, will not know their Savior as their Abba Daddy. He is their Father and He is the only one who in our absence can gie them the consistent love they were created to receive. If we don’t go…who will go for us?

Watch this Video:

I hope you will get a chance to watch the video. It says everything I would want to tell you about our calling to go and serve.
With Love,


Jennifer said...

Go to Nile River Explorers on July 23...its right outside of Jinja and a BLASSTTTT! Check out

Naomi said...

Great post Ashlie!!! If this doesn't stir the hearts of His people to step forward and go (when they know they are called to do so) then I don't know what will!!!

I cannot believe we will get to be a part of blessing these children!! To just see their faces and hold their hands and whisper His promises into their hearts...... oh my...... I am so humbled!